Things I think about the race for Speaker (if there even is one)

1. Does anyone care about what RedState thinks? I don't. The anti-Straus narrative fits into Erickson's worldview, but that doesn't necessarily make it correct.

2. Joe Straus does not deserve credit for the 22 seat Texas House pickup on election day. That's silly. Straus and Craddick were both marginal influences in the partisan makeup of the TX House for the past decade.

3. The Texas media have really climbed aboard the Joe Straus bandwagon. I hope Straus is enjoying his encomium, because he may not have another moment like this one until his funeral.

4. Not sure that the announced speaker candidates are the best candidates, or even the most likely to be speaker if the Speaker isn't named Straus.

5. Pressure from third party groups is probably mostly about laying the foundation to challenge Straus in two years if they are not satisfied with this session. It doesn't seem like they've really given a reason to vote against Straus, except that Democratic machinations resulted in his speakership.

6. Races for speaker are probably some of the best experiments around in human individual and group behavior.

Posted by Evan @ 11/22/10 11:20 PM


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