Rick Perry vs Jon Stewart

I don't watch (m)any interviews on TV, but I am planning on watching the Daily Show tonight (10pm, Comedy Central) to see Jon Stewart interview Rick Perry.

Posted by Evan @ 11/08/10 06:26 PM


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I think Rick Perry is like a lot of Conservatives and wants to secede from the union and have slaves to go and pick cotton since cotton is up 54% in the last 60 days along with sugar which is up 59% You go Perry ...We will soon be the Lone Star Country...under your guidance of corse all knowing one

Posted by Leslie Goudy @ 11/08/10 10:34 PM

Rick Perry is an embarrassment to Texans... He sounded like such an idiot when tried to make an analogy about Washington making everyone wear the same clothes. Go Jon for pointing out his hypocrisy as it relates to the courts.

Posted by Dustin @ 11/09/10 02:56 AM

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