Should I stay or should I go now?, part II

With the election behind us, I am trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. Definitely a decent chance it gets killed, as it seems unlikely that Perry is going to ever run for election to anything. No, I still don't think he's running for president. Never having worked in the legislature, I generally don't feel like I have much to say during the legislative session. We'll see though, I've thought about ending this blog before and somehow it seems to stick around.

As for the candidates, Bill White is presumably relaxing post-campaign and deciding whether he wants to run for Senate in 2012 or to be guv in 2014. I think he made it fairly clear that he'd rather be a senator than a governor, and I definitely think he made it clear that he'll be running again.

Rick Perry is on his book tour, visiting a variety of TV shows, including the Today show, Fox and Friends, and...a Monday visit to The Daily Show. Perry's interview with Jon Stewart will definitely be a must watch. Fed Up! is officially released November 15, but apparently it is already available in some places. George W. Bush's Decision Points is officially released on November 9. It will be interesting to watch the sales numbers on those two books by the last two governors of Texas.

Posted by Evan @ 11/05/10 10:51 AM


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