The final countdown

1. Bill White and Rick Perry were in upper-middle class suburbs. White is trying to keep Perry's margin down, rather than come up with a game changer. According to the Austin press corps, Perry is running for president.

2. The Tea Party seems to be energized to stick around post-election. How will that impact the Texas Legislature?

3. 95% of insiders predict a Perry victory, says the TT. Who are those other 5%? I bet they wouldn't be willing to be identified.

4. Excerpts from Rick Perry's new book are available.

5. I happened to notice that someone from a US House computer has spent their day going through my archives. Umm...hi.

* From a Vanity Fair article on the talk show wars, where Conan told this joke about how he was getting removed:

'"I'm trying very hard to stay positive here, and I want to tell you something. This is honest. Hosting The Tonight Show has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me. And I just want to say to the kids out there watching: you can do anything you want in life. Yeah, yeah -- unless Jay Leno wants to do it, too.

At NBC, the joke represented the point of no return. All throughout the legal wrangling, even after the manifesto, Jeff Gaspin maintained a quiet wish that Conan would examine his options one more time and decide that staying at NBC still made the most sense.

After the joke, that dream vaporized.

Gaspin got a call from Jay about the joke. This one did not strike Jay as funny. He asked Gaspin, Why the **** am I giving up a half-hour for this guy?

Asterisks added so Google doesn't put me in the safesearch filter.

It's pretty amusing to me how the late night show hosts make a living pillorying politicians, yet one small joke about each other is seen as a huge, massive deal. That's something to keep in mind when demonizing the politicial opposition: they put themselves out there and take insults that make normal people (to the extent that talk show hosts are normal people) take umbrage.

Title brought to you by Europe:

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