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* In my opinion, it is harsh, but before the race is even over, pundits are already speculating over who the Democrats will nominate in 2014 for governor. Will it be Julian Castro, as floated by Evan Smith? Paul Burka says "all there is to [the idea]" is that he is "the most prominent Hispanic politician in the state." Jan Jarboe Russell doesn't seem enthused by the trial balloon either.

* The AP reports on Perry and White's last minute campaigning. Including this about the campaign finance reports:

Meanwhile, both candidates received a big infusion of campaign cash last week. According to the San Antonio Express-News, telegram reports to the Texas Ethics Commission show that $5.1 million poured into Texas political campaign accounts in four days last week.

Most of the cash went to influence a dozen state House races, the Perry and White campaigns got about $911,000 combined. Perry received 58.5 percent of the money, while White got 41.5 percent, the Express-news reported.

Sounds like Mostyn or Matt Angle found a better bet. Meanwhile, DallasBlog says that Texas House Republicans still have the financial edge.

* Major Garrett on a Boehner speakership style.

* Dallas is key in the gubernatorial race, says the DMN.

* Is this a sign of a prescient prediction or Democratic consultants managing expectations?

* Nat Gas drilling not really much of an issue here like in other states.

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