White's record as mayor, Chron circ continuing to fall, Green Party access

1. In the Statesman, Ben Wear looks at White's transportation record as mayor.

2. Chron columnist Rick Casey writes an entire column rehashing Politipinion's...opinions.

In other Houston Chronicle (related?) news, the Chron again posted one of the steepest declines in daily circulation among the top 25 newspapers. This comes on top of repeated significantly-larger-than-average declines even as the Houston metro continues to grow faster than average. The Wall Street Journal and the Dallas Morning News were the only papers to post increases.

3. Karl-T at BOR notes that the Green Party is quite likely to get 5% in the Comptroller's race, thus securing ballot access for the 2012 elections. Just as Libertarian ballot lines have ciphoned off crucial votes from Republicans in close races, Green ballot lines could do so to Democrats in close races. Karl-T tells Democrats not to vote Green in the Comptroller race (where there is no Democrat); the corollary I suppose is that Republicans should vote Green.

4. Bradley Olson takes a balanced look at White's record as mayor.

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