* Jay Root reports for the AP on Bill White campaigning in Houston, focusing on the African-American vote..

* Bill White talked to the FWST editorial board about polls:

"The average of our last three polls is between 3.5 and 4 percent," White said. The most recent poll his campaign conducted had him behind Perry 46 percent to 41 percent but White said he believed that poll oversampled Republican voters.

Recent public polls have shown Perry with a lead of at least six points. A couple have found the governor leading by more than 10 points.

White said a large number of undecided voters remain, according to his campaign's polling.

"Most undecideds, generally, they tend to break against long-term incumbents and certainly our surveys have shown that," White said.

That last sentence is empirically incorrect, but it is a common saying in politics.

But of course, what I want to know is: if his pollster is oversampling Republicans, why doesn't he get a new pollster? I have sympathy for politicians who have to answer questions about polls when they are behind, but I'd come up with a better argument than that.

* Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert endorsed Perry.

* Farouk Shami endorses Rick Perry. Didn't he talk alot about how he was going to support the Dem nominee? Hmm. Conspiracy theories?

* No Texas races are in the top 10 races nationwide for spending by the congressional campaign committees.

* Karl Rove's Karl Rove: Carl Forti.

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