Weekend potpourri

* Ross Ramsey gives us his state of Perry vs White. Pretty good analysis.

* I'm getting a fair amount of traffic for my post on BTEC and Bill White. Much of it is search engine traffic, but it seems like at least a few people have emailed it to their friends, because lots of those hits come from gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail. Interesting.

* DMN's Christy Hoppe wrote up the DMN's analysis of spending. Interesting, although such analyses are more useful after the race, and once third party spending is accounted for. A nitpick:

Communications consultant Elyse Yates, who worked on Democrat Ann Richards' 1996 run for governor, said the electronic age has allowed campaigns to microtarget, identifying more potential backers.

That's a rather inexplicable error. Richards ran in 1990 and in 1994.

* DMN's Terrence Stutz sees Dewhurst focused on the 2012 election.

* Bill White thinks Rick Perry is disrespectful of Obama, but it turns out that by his standards he's not terribly respectful of Obama or George W. Bush...or Perry. Obviously not a big deal, but it is emblematic of the fact that White's campaign hasn't thought through their attacks.

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