Au contraire! Rasmussen looks smarter by the day

Paul Burka wrote a week ago:

I think Rasmussen has lost some lustre in this election cycle

I'm not quite sure how that could be. It was only in this cycle or the previous one that journalists stopped acting like automated polls were the ugly step-sister of polling that could only be mentioned if it confirmed their preconceived biases. I'm pretty sure I could find a few BurkaBlog posts that put him in the Rasmussen skeptic camp, as well as the SurveyUSA skeptic camp.

Rasmussen got alot of heat from Democrats early in the cycle because it had numbers that were more on the Republican side than others. As we've gotten closer to election day, pretty much all those pollsters have tweaked their models, looked at their likely voter screens...voila, no longer are Rasmussen's numbers out of line. In fact, Gallup -- long considered a gold standard -- has been fairly consistently showing much worse numbers for Democrats than Rasmussen.

If anything, Rasmussen has gained in luster as a pollster this cycle. He was one of the first pollsters who captured what was going on in the electorate. Everyone should realize that whether a poll is automated isn't nearly as important as whether a pollster is skilled.

Posted by Evan @ 10/14/10 12:07 AM


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