New Perry ad "Right Track"

I thought the final scene was a little odd, but that could just be me. It's a reiteration of the theme we've seen from all of Perry's ads up to this point. The camera likes him more than it does his opponents.

Has Perry's camp gotten more positive on paid media the closer we've gotten to election day?

Script below the jump, courtesy of Texas Tribune.

Texas is on the right path. As your governor, job creation is my top priority.”

“Since I took office, Texas has added more than 850,000 new jobs.”

“In fact, since 2005, 80 percent of the new private sector jobs in America … ”

“were created right here in Texas.”

“Texas is on the right track.”

“Low taxes …”

“balanced budget … ”

“and strong public schools … ”

“make Texas the number one state for job creation.”

Narrator: "Securing our future. Governor Rick Perry."

Posted by Evan @ 10/13/10 03:43 PM


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