I saw this editorial from the FWST and was stunned by the bolded sentence:

But redistricting has become primarily a power grab. Members of whichever political party is dominant manipulate the maps to protect their incumbents, increase the chances of electing more of their candidates and squeeze out opposing party officeholders.

Knowledgeable people should not produce such sentences. The term gerrymander is over 200 years old.

Posted by Evan @ 07/05/10 09:43 PM


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Just another example of why newspapers are going to go the way of the dodo if they don't find a way to turn things around.

Posted by Zach @ 07/06/10 08:32 AM

** Knowledgeable people should not produce such sentences. **

Hell, even journalists ought to be smarter than that! ;)

Posted by kevin @ 07/07/10 03:17 PM

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