Bill White's new ad

This ad is a pretty big clunker. It starts off slow, doesn't build much for the next 50 seconds [who 'pursues educational dreams?' That phrase sounds clumsy] until White machine-guns awkwardly his resume points to close the ad.

Lots of poor decisions in this spot. 1 minute long, images flashing too fast at the end, the educational dreams, the old photographs, strange transitions, and the wasted space. I get that they are trying to innoculate White from Perry's attacks on specific issues by blanketing Bill White with Texas and Sunday School,, that ad was bad.

To be honest, in my first viewing I assumed this was a web-only ad until White started the rapid fire diction to get in under 60 seconds. Supposedly this is really airing on TV across the state. I predict a pretty short run time for this one, since they're paying for a one minute spot that doesn't work.

Posted by Evan @ 05/20/10 02:52 PM


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