While I was away...

We had some domain name problems this past week, but we're back and committed* to the blog, with the domain name safely registered under our corporate KW Internet Domination moniker.

While we were away, Rick Perry went out jogging with his dog. A coyote came out of the brush and was afixin' to attack his pup. Now, because every good Texan goes jogging with a sidearm, the Guv pulled out his pistol and shot the coyote. As modern campaigns go, the opposition couldn't hold back from trying to turn anything into a negative, suggesting that the Governor had violated the law.

This doesn't seem like a 50%+1 strategy to me, as most Texans don't mind a governor who shoots a wild animal when threatened...and if it's illegal, we're probably likely to think the law should be changed. It turned out not to be illegal anyway, but then Bill White went and commented that he's "not afraid of coyotes" with the insinuation that Perry is a wimp. That's also a surprising strategy, as very few people are going to look at Bill White and Rick Perry mug shots and go "wow, that Bill White is just so masculine in comparison to that other guy." Not to be outdone, Rick Perry slyly intimated that that maybe Bill White is just too ugly for the coyote.

And people say politics is boring.

Meanwhile, Bill White picked up the not-a-secret endorsement of Grand Prairie Mayor Charlie England at about the same time he was putting an campaign ad up in Houston that...talked about his record as mayor of Houston. England isn't seen as terribly much of a harbinger, as he's hardly seen as the most loyal Republican, and is in fact the father of Arlen Specter style party switcher Kirk England. In response, Perry released a support list of elected mostly-Democrats from South Texas. In counter-response, the Bill White campaign released their own list of Democrats in South Texas.

Were we supposed to be impressed that a Democrat can win support in a monolithically Democratic area?

* Or at least as committed as normal, which is to say: only when the mood strikes.

Posted by Evan @ 05/08/10 05:40 PM


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