As California goes...

Phil Martin criticizes Paul Burka for saying:

The message sent by voters in the Republican primary is that they have little use for establishment politicians...All of the energy right now is being supplied by angry Republican voters who can't wait to get to the polls and kick out incumbents.

Democrats should be very worried about this political climate.

Martin doesn't exactly claim that Burka is wrong that it will be a bad year for Democrats. On the other hand, I'd have to agree with him that there is very little to be drawn for general elections from primary data. Still, just because you can't draw conclusions from primary data doesn't transform the underlying conclusion backed by the rest of the evidence: 2010 is a bad year for Democrats.

Apropos of this subject, let's have a gander at California:

Hints of re-election trouble for U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer come from a 65-year-old travel agent from this leafy Los Angeles suburb [Westlake Village] who's a fellow Democrat.

To Helen Sargent, taxes and the national debt are too high, President Barack Obama has proved a disappointment and the Democratic Party needs new faces.

Boxer, who's seeking a fourth term this fall, "has been there too long," Sargent said. "All politicians have a shelf life."

Boxer carried Westlake Village by 56 votes in 2004.


More troubling: More than half the state's independents, the swing voters, have an unfavorable opinion of the senator.

Boxer "is part of the political system that wants to grow the government," says John Millrany, 71, a semi-retired public relations executive and political independent who once was a Democratic Party volunteer.

"I think the government is growing too large," he said outside the library. "The entitlements and the taxes are bound to go up."

This is California. If people feel that way in California, how do you think they feel in Texas?

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