Rick picks up a Kay education idea?

Do you remember when Kay Bailey Hutchison proposed putting Kindles in the classroom? Sounds like the Governor liked her idea. Kelley Shannon, AP:

Gov. Rick Perry proposed Wednesday that Texas abandon using traditional textbooks in public schools and replace them with computer technology.

"I don't see any reason in the world why we need to have textbooks in Texas in the next four years. Do you agree?" Perry asked participants at a computer gaming education conference in Austin.

During his wide-ranging speech, the governor offered some new ideas for boosting student performance and defended his education record.

I'll admit that when I heard Kay proposing a Kindle, I thought: what? But it would make it substantially easier to keep textbooks up to date. Plus with the capability of accessing the internet, teachers could potentially bring in current events to make things up-to-the-minute and relevant.

Sounds like Perry liked Hutchison's idea.

Posted by Evan @ 04/09/10 12:05 AM


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