Losing an election isn't an easy thing

Rick v Kay writes:

[Kay's behavior towards Rick] is a really weird situation... usually the loser has to grovel and beg for forgiveness and suck up to the winner... but in this case the loser Kay is acting a little like a sore loser.

I'm not so sure it's abnormal, and from Kay's position she has very little on the line personally, while she . She'll probably do an event eventually, because if she completely sits it out and Perry loses by a nose, she will lose some friends and alot of respect. But I don't think too many people begrudge her taking a little time -- although Hutchison immediately endorsed Perry...which is a pretty classy move after losing an election.

And George W. Bush didn't exactly grovel to McCain, but I seem to recall that he ate a little bit of crow and played nice to John McCain in 2000. Of course, the media was also quite fixated on the Bush and McCain relationship.

Posted by Evan @ 04/08/10 06:32 AM


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