Changing math education?

Since a massive part of state budgets is for education, every year education is an issue.

So, I thought it was worth passing on Lockhart's Lament. Paul Lockhart is a solid research mathmetician who got tired of teaching college kids, so he started teaching K-12 math education. He thinks we should revolutionize the way we teach math.

It's pretty persuasive to me. I loved solving problems, I hated math. I remember getting 4th place in a statewide highschool math competition (top 3 got prizes. doh!) and having them announce it over the loudspeakers at school at the very same moment that my high school pre-calculus teacher gave me back my exam on it with a big F. She did not look happy with me, but I had gotten used to her taking points off of things because I didn't do problems exactly the way she did.

Outside of the college calculus class I took during high school, I never did take another math class. A shame.

Posted by Evan @ 03/31/10 10:10 PM


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