Bill White getting money from Big Labor

Jason Embry:

The Democratic Governors Association gave former Houston Mayor Bill White a $500,000 contribution to his gubernatorial campaign on Feb. 15, signaling that national party leaders think White can topple the Republican nominee this November.

It seems to me that Embry missed the story here. The DGA is a 527, unregulated by the FEC. It can accept unlimited contributions, and then pass them through to the campaign as long as it's not coordinated* with the campaign (wink, wink). In other words, if you want to take...oh, I don't know...half a million but you don't want to disclose where it's coming from, then you send it on over to the DGA.

Who are the 4 biggest DGA donors so far? Unions. The Teamsters, government employees, Painters, and the SEIU. So it's possible that the title is unfair to Bill White**, but not likely.

* At least that's my understanding of the law right now, but Democrats and John McCain have a tendency to try and complicate an already byzantine system.

** It could have been trial lawyer money, y'know?

Posted by Evan @ 02/25/10 04:34 AM


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Why do this under-the-table deal before March 3rd if it's to help in the general? DGA can be so stupid sometimes...

Posted by me @ 02/25/10 12:16 PM

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