Who cares about being on topic anyway?

I've written a few times about polls recently, but I hope you'll allow me one more.

The liberal blog firedoglake has commissioned polls from SurveyUSA, with the stated rationale to show that Democrats are in trouble because of the healthcare bill. These surveys have shown Democrats in serious trouble. Because of that, Democrats have begun to attack the polls and SurveyUSA. Nate Silver, who has essentially taken down Republican polling firm Strategic Vision, examines the evidence on SurveyUSA.

And as little respect as I have for FDL is as much respect as I have for SurveyUSA, which is a strong and transparent polling firm.


That is, we expect a pollster to do its very best work whenever its brand name is associated with a poll; there are no mulligans.

I could have written Silver's post almost word for word, which is fairly rare since he's on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

I agree completely that the commissioner of the poll should not matter if the polling firm puts its name on it. Um....Zogby?

Posted by Evan @ 02/18/10 03:55 AM


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KAY is a fraud!!

In one of her ads she comments that she will remember who she works for - RIGHT!!

Just like she has being a senator in this congress!! SHE HAS DNE NOTHING FOR TEXAS! - except support Obama and this congress!

Posted by MASI @ 02/19/10 08:46 AM

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