I'm hoping you get where I'm going with this, but you probably won't

To be honest, I feel bad for the Shami staffers. Sometimes the hardest part of a campaign is the candidate. You can give the best advice in the world, but if they don't listen to you...

Posted by Evan @ 02/17/10 01:28 AM


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well, you're obviously not talking about KBH.

do you really feel sorry for the staffers that took both those candidates to the cleaners for commissions, media buys, false polls, etc?

Posted by last Republican in 78704 @ 02/17/10 03:26 PM

no, the only way to get the reference is if you've been around here for 3 years or so.

the staffers who quit probably weren't raking it in like the consultants. so yes, i do feel sorry for them.

Posted by Evan_ @ 02/17/10 03:42 PM

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