The TX dailies' poll

Pretty long time for a poll to be in the field. The funny thing is that we've had like 6 polls in the last week, and not a single one of them was particularly relevant because none of them tested how deeply Medina has imploded...the effects of which probably couldn't even be captured by putting a poll in the field today, as she continues to implode daily by saying new things and defending previous statements.

2/2 - 2/10 Blum and Weprin poll for the big dailies, 2017 adults, 1508 registered, 464 likely GOP voters

Perry 45
Hutchison 29
Medina 17

Perry 43
White 37

KBH 42
White 34

46/38 Perry job approval/disapproval as governor
40/48 Obama job approval/disapproval as potus

53/35 right track/wrong track for Texas

Interestingly, although the horse race numbers for Perry aren't great, those numbers are pretty good for him.

Posted by Evan @ 02/14/10 08:49 PM


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