A note for political candidates

I've provided this handy guide for political candidates. If anyone asks you any of these questions, the answer is NO.

Was Pearl Harbor a happy day for America?

Was Saddam Hussein really just a misunderstood guy? Is it only a rumor that he committed genocide against the Kurds?

Is Lyndon LaRouche really on to something?

Is Obama bin Laden really a moral, decent person when it comes down to it?

Is the Holocaust an invention of the Jews?

Does Charles Manson seem like a role model to you?

Was Barack Obama actually born in Africa?

Is there a secret New World Order conspiring to take over the world?

Was Stalin's murdering of millions a good thing?

Anyway, dearest candidate for political office, I hope you find this list helpful. I know some of those questions are difficult, so don't overthink it. The answer really is no. Moral outrage would also be appropriate.

Posted by Evan @ 02/13/10 03:51 PM


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this is wonderful.

Posted by yara @ 02/13/10 09:39 PM

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