The cult of Debra Medina

Hypothetically speaking:

Q: In your opinion, did the Holocaust happen?

A: I don't have all the evidence. Good questions have been asked and I haven't seen answers. I'm not going to take a position...the Holocaust isn't even an issue in this race!

Is there a difference? Is it a trick question? Is it possible to "overthink" the question, BigJolly? If she was afraid to answer because of her supporters, what does that say about her?

She was given the biggest softball question twice and said "good questions have been asked"...twice. It blows me away that anyone would publically defend that answer.

Posted by Evan @ 02/12/10 10:34 AM


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Thanks for the link, Evan.

Posted by David Jennings @ 02/12/10 11:58 AM


Its a Petard kinda thing - many are falling on the swords as we speak

Posted by EricPWJohnson @ 02/12/10 11:56 PM

I think Beck saying he would french kiss Perry is an insult to the governor. Joke or not, that kind of sentiment has no place in political discourse. Beck hides under the guise of "entertainer". Hogwash! He has stepped into the ring of Texas politics, and I say "shame on Beck" for bringing the name of our good governor into a pool of smut.

Posted by Ted Wilson @ 02/13/10 01:08 AM

I love the analogy. I'm quoting and linking.

Posted by [email protected] @ 02/13/10 06:33 AM

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