PPP releases their general election numbers

These numbers are actually fairly consistent with Rasmussen's, because this is a poll of registered voters, not of likely voters. If it were a poll of likely voters, the spread would be similar to Rasmussen's.

1200 registered voters, 2/4-2/7

Hutchison 45
White 38

Perry 48
White 42

Medina 44
White 38

They have Perry's job approval at 33/50 and KBH's at 40/37. As their poll release notes, "the main reason for each of their declines is reduced popularity among GOP voters..."

Partisan ID in the poll
36 Dem
40 GOP
24 Ind/Other

That's on the low side of the acceptable spectrum, but definitely within it. Which is more or less what you'd expect from a Democratic polling firm.

Full crosstabs.

Posted by Evan @ 02/10/10 11:43 AM


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