Friday ads

Kay Bailey on reducing abortion

This ad seems a month too late. At this point late in the race, she's trying to explain/obfuscate an issue like abortion?

Perry's camp says Hutchison's been taking lots of expensive first-class flights on the taxpayers' dime when she could've flown Southwest.

It was a pretty good spot. It seemed like all those newspaper clips were from 2000 though...and while I was watching this, I thought, "if voters were going to be convinced by this, wouldn't it have worked one of the first few times?"

Bill White

This ad is a million times better than Bill White's first ad, which has gotten worse everytime I think about it. Truthfully, I would've found some better pictures though.

Posted by Evan @ 02/05/10 04:36 PM


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That Glamorous one is pretty sweet. KBH had that coming her way after her attack ad against Perry.

More political ads should be like that, with the catchy music and such. Except now I have the song in my head.

Posted by Howie @ 02/05/10 04:59 PM

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