The nativist wing of the Democratic Party?

Dave Montgomery, FWST:

An East Texas Democratic Party county chairman told gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami in an e-mail that he is wasting his time running for governor because "nobody is going to vote for anyone named Farouk" in today’s post-9-11 political climate.

J. Larry Davis, chairman of the Anderson County Democratic Party, said he made the comments to Shami, a Palestinian-American who founded a billion-dollar hair care empire, as a realistic assessment of what he said are "redneck" attitudes in deep East Texas. He said there was "nothing racist at all" intended by the message.

I'm not sure it helps Democrats to have local party functionaries calling voters racists, even if done subtly.*

Meanwhile, Shami has fired back** by saying:

I am more Texan than [Bill White] could ever be.
Slampo's commentary on the issue made me laugh.

* Perhaps Mr. Davis was suggesting the idea that voters like to vote for someone like them -- I expressed a version of this idea when I mentioned my surprise that Shami's signs say Farouk and not Shami on them -- but the "voting for someone like me" that voters often have is made up of all factors. Name is only a part of that. Davis' comments seem unarticulate if we charitably assume that this is what he wanted to say.

** I'm not sure what the exact timing is, but Shami was surely trying to pre-empt the talk about his name.

Posted by Evan @ 02/01/10 11:26 AM


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