Perry's statement on the failure of HB2 and HB3

The House defeated HB2 and HB3 -- the bills for how tax revenue is generated and spent on school finance -- tonight.

Governor Perry, who arguably has more at stake politically than anyone else in the process, issued this statement.

"Today I share the disappointment and frustration of millions of Texans that the House has voted against providing a property tax cut for homeowners, more money for the classroom, and additional funding for teacher salaries and textbooks.

"Legislators now have a decision to make. There are 24 days left in this special session. Either they can give up on pay raises for teachers, funding for textbooks, and a property tax cut, or they can join me over the next few weeks in fighting for what the people want.

"The people demand property tax relief, more education for their money, and continued classroom reforms.

"The special interests want to protect the education status quo, their tax loopholes, and their market share of tobacco addicts. Why should the special interests win at the expense of schoolchildren, parents and taxpayers?

"Last Thursday the leadership of both houses said they were close to an agreement on a property tax cut in a joint news conference. In fact, the measure the House voted on today was quite similar to the property tax cuts both chambers passed just a couple weeks ago.

"I still believe where there is a will there is a way.

"And the fact of the matter is I called them into special session because their work was unfinished and nothing has changed.

"Legislators cannot pass this great challenge to another day or another venue.

"I know they are frustrated and tired. So are are teachers hoping for a pay raise...and so are families looking for better schools. I ask them to come back tomorrow, set aside rancor and partisanship, and get back to work."

The deadline for this session is August 19th. Will it get done?

Posted by Evan @ 07/26/05 10:00 PM


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