Lance Armstrong

Although he's still listed at Step Up Texas and John Kerry thinks he should go into politics, Lance Armstrong says he's not running:

Asked Monday by NBC-TV's Ann Curry whether he has political aspirations, the 33-year-old Austinite said: "No, no."

Curry: "You're saying you have no political aspirations?"

Armstrong: "I'm not..."

Curry: "You're not saying you have no political aspirations?"

Armstrong: "I don't know what I'm saying. We're going to elect a new (Texas) governor next year -- I'm not running next year."

As far as I can tell, most are assuming he's a Democrat by virtue of the fact that his girlfriend Sheryl Crow was stridently anti-war (remember the rhinestone "NO WAR" guitar strap at the Grammy's?)

Posted by Evan @ 07/26/05 06:59 PM


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