KBH to release transportation plan today

I really don't think I can improve on the work of the DMN's Michael Lindenberger

1) Are transportation planners and leaders like Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, right when they say Texas' fast-growing population requires enormous investments in new roads and bridges?

2) If so, how do we pay for those new projects, especially in our busiest cities, when the costs of simply maintaining the aging and growing system we already have continues to rise? New taxes? More toll roads by public entities willing to borrow billions? Capital from private firms willing to build them?

3) Is Texas wise in favoring roads over rail to such a large extent? And if something should change here, how quickly and with what money?

4) Finally, if the money is too tight at the state level, should local governments be allowed to ask their citizens to vote on new, local tax increases and fees to fund local roads?

...I am hoping for clear presentation of thought-through ideas, and there is every reason to suspect she may produce just that tomorrow. After all, her policy staff in Washington told me months ago that transportation has been one of her abiding interests. She has been crucial, for instance, in finding hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the Green Line for DART, and she has long been an advocate for seat belt requirements for motor coaches.

We will see. There's more there, but you should click over if you want to see it.

Posted by Evan @ 12/29/09 10:32 AM


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