I guess I haven't been paying very close attention...

There are a few Rick vs. Kay blogs out there. Specifically, I'd note Come and Take It as well as the succinctly titled Rick vs. Kay.

Perhaps what I find so interesting is that both are written from a very strong point of view -- CATI for Kay, RvK for Rick -- without labelling themselves as such. I don't like that much.

Posted by Evan @ 12/29/09 11:13 PM


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Rick versus Kay wrote pretty unbiased stuff from the beginning of 2009, including anti-Perry posts, but then endorsed Rick Perry in late August.

He doesn't pretend he is unbiased and does label himself as a Rick Perry homer. He also doesn't blog as much since announcing he was supporting Perry. The volume dropped off a lot, although it did spike temporarily in October.


Posted by Jo @ 12/31/09 11:09 AM

Rick vs. Kay was very very unbias for a long time, but Kay Baybay kept doing stupid shit. Anyone who was paying attention and was still making a decision agreed with his or her logic in turning away from Kay Bailey. Now, come and take it blog is probably an insider for KBH. How could it not be, it is so blatant.

Posted by Anonymous @ 01/02/10 09:37 AM

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