I've been off blogging for a long time. Other priorities, etc etc etc. It's hard to jump back in sometimes.

This, however, is easy. Paul Burka writes:

Ross Ramsey, writing in the Texas Tribune today, has a story that the Hutchison campaign asked that I not be allowed to be a panelist on the gubernatorial debate on the grounds that KERA, the Dallas PBS station that is hosting the debate, and NPR both have policies against opinion writers participating in debates. The story is correct. KERA agreed with the Hutchison campaign and invited Texas Monthly to send another panelist of our choosing. At this point, Texas Monthly withdrew as a co-sponsor of the debate.

It's amazing how Kay Bailey's campaign could so trenchantly encapsulate everything that is wrong with her campaign.

Burka, if anything, is an ally of Hutchison. At this point, though we know Burka thinks KBH has run a ridonkulously bad campaign, I think we have every indication that Burka still plans to vote in the GOP primary, in large part to vote for Hutchison.

If Perry's camp had made this request, they'd be laughed at and accused of threatening the press. KBH's camp will get more of a pass, but it encapsulates everything wrong with her campaign: she has taken people naturally inclined to be allies and given them reason not to support her.

Posted by Evan @ 12/23/09 04:44 PM


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KBH made a monumental error by not stayi ng in the Senate where her seat was safe. She has split Republicans at a time when unity is needed. She will lose the primary and then be defeated for re-election to the Senate as White points out that she doesn't really want to be there.

Posted by carpenter @ 12/26/09 02:03 PM

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