Why bring back the blog?

It should be fairly evident why I'm bringing back the blog: Rick Perry versus the World might actually happen this time. Now that that silly little presidential election is out of the way, we can focus on the fun stuff: the coming heavyweight primary between Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison.

In the entire period of the GOP ascendancy in Texas, there hasn't been a single high-profile primary. The closest we've come was probably the 1998 Attorney General primary between Cornyn, Pauken and Williamson -- that result had some ramifications, didn't it?

It remains to be seen whether it will really happen. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has feinted several times that she was ready to return home and run for governor, only to jump out of the race. Last cycle she actually went out and hired a campaign staff, but facing a field that included Carole Strayhorn, she took another pass. It would've been a close race, but Perry was the favorite.

Perry surprised some people when he announced that he planned to run for re-election. There are those who think he is merely posturing to avoid being a lame duck for the upcoming legislative session. I wouldn't discount that 100%, but my view of Perry is that is he absolutely planning on running for re-election.

As for known unknowns, we'll see what David Dewhurst does. Most assume that he will wait to see what shakes out -- that is, does Hutchison give up her Senate seat? -- but then the conventional wisdom was that Carole Strayhorn was going to

Should be fun.

It remains to be seen what my posting schedule will be like. I have no commitments to myself on how often I'll post.

Posted by Evan @ 11/05/08 02:45 PM


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