Overlooked in the race for Craddick vs the World

The polls recently opened, but the result has already been a foregone conclusion for a week: Obama wins by a landslide (7% or so), Dems get to 58 or 59 seats in the Senate, and about 265 seats in the House. There's a pretty high probability that those numbers are pretty close to right: this is not an election where the result is in doubt. Closer to home, Cornyn survives reasonably handily though with less than he should have. Were I him, I'd be thinking hard about 6 years from now. Olsen beats Lampson in a result that was foreordained. Lampson wonders why he wasted $2 million against Shelley 2 years ago. Doh!

There are some interesting Texas Senate races on the plate, but if you're reading this blog you probably know the most interesting races are in the Texas House. Specifically, do Texas Democrats regain the majority or come close enough to knock off Tom Craddick as Speaker?

Seems to me that no one has factored in the bloodletting that is going to occur in the Republican Party. There's tons of dissatisfaction nationally. That's perhaps attenuated by the fact that Texas is still a Republican state and hasn't tasted the defeat of Republicans like in other states. But there is plenty of upset activists. Many folks identify identify with one of the big 3 -- Craddick, Dewhurst and Perry -- and aren't happy with a different member of the big 3. Mix dissatisfaction with factionalism and what do you get?

That's the sort of thing that could bring down Craddick. We'll see; leadership elections are the most fascinating of all.

Posted by Evan @ 11/04/08 12:36 PM


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