KBH rumored for Supreme Court

She skipped running for the governor's mansion...so she could go to the Supreme Court?

This Reuters report names Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as a potential candidate for the Supreme Court.

That's news to me. And I have real troubles seeing that it could be true. She is a woman, and she is legally trained, having graduated from UTexas Law. She'd also be easily confirmed.

But -- this is a terrible thing to say about a person, but it's true -- she's too old. Plus, she's never been a practicing lawyer, to my knowledge. And if you thought the Right would get upset about Al Gonzales, I would imagine a similar brouhaha if Hutchison were nominated.

It ain't gonna happen.

UPDATE: The nominee is not Kay Bailey Hutchison. Surprise, surprise, I know. Judge John Roberts of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals is the Supreme Court nominee. Confirmation looks likely.

Posted by Evan @ 07/19/05 09:28 AM


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