A big thank you to the Democratic Party...

...for not nominating Hillary Clinton. I think political dynasties add significant risk to the long-term stability of democracies.

And hey, even though it was only a tie (that was broken by better tactical decisions by her opponent), there were enough Democrats out there who didn't want to turn the US into a state of political dynasty. Good on them.

Posted by Evan @ 06/11/08 12:40 AM


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I agree, political dynasties are scary
scary and most times ill advised.
However, in the current campaign the DP had a choice between a candidate with a track record, ready to lead and a candidate with no track record, questionable political relationships that the republican machine will have a field day with.
So, I say 'not so good for them"
The last thing we need in the WH is an empty suit with no record to speak of.
The outcome of the November election is up in the air because the DP has chosen a candidate that in the current political environment, cannot win the election. I'd say it's toss up at best.
During the campaign the DNC disenfranchised millions of voters with their failure to count every vote and super delegates making back room deals about the nominee, breaking their own rules in the process.
You've got DNC representative Donna Brazile telling the DP base to stay home and John Dean selling the DNC to Obama \ Chicago because the DNC has no money.

All in all, when you step back and take a look at the health of the DP, the division between the DP members and the DNC,the skill set of HRC and BO, a dynasty starts looking pretty damn good.

I for one think the DNC has managed to pull of the impossibe -- losing a 'sure win'. It's really quite sad.

Posted by Blenko @ 06/14/08 12:28 PM

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