If you've been paying attention, you'd note that there's a non-negligible (though still small) possibility that we could have a filibuster-proof Democratic supermajority in the US Senate starting in January 2009.

That should make you very, very scared.

Posted by Evan @ 05/21/08 09:40 PM


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Scared? Hell no, it makes me want to celebrate!

Posted by kelly @ 05/26/08 11:32 PM

No worries. Remember the last time we had a leftist President and a congress dominated by Dems?

JIMMY CARTER!!! hahaha.

Dems can't manage a nation without Republican help. This is, after all, and adult's world.

Obama + Pelosi + Reid = 4 years until the GOP takes over.

Posted by Also excited @ 05/29/08 08:43 PM

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