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Governor Rick Perry says he believes Texans should be allowed to carry their concealed handguns anywhere. That's the Republican's conclusion after pondering how to stop the kind of mass killing that left 33 dead at Virginia Tech.

Under current law, secured airport areas, hospitals, courthouses, bars, churches and schools are among the places where weapons can be banned. That's even if someone has a state license to carry a concealed handgun.

Can you imagine the shrieks of hysteria that would've accompanied this statement once upon a time? Now it's pretty mainstream.

Posted by Evan @ 05/01/07 03:11 PM


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Gov. Goodhair is merely playing to the GOP base with this comments. Just like he did last fall with his campaign ad showing him in boots and jeans standing with several law enforcement types supposedly on the bank of the Rio Grande promising to stop the flow of illegal immigrants since the feds couldn't/wouldn't. Then two months after elected, essentially flip-flopped by saying that a more comprehensive immigration policy was needed.

He's bucking for a shot at U.S. Senator.

Posted by BoomerJack @ 05/03/07 10:15 AM

The reason is simple. Wider carriage of concealed handguns reduces violent crime:


It's hard to argue with data.

Posted by James Hasik @ 05/03/07 10:07 PM

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