What a fine day for a parade

Brownsville Herald:

And the strong presence of border Democrats allied with the leadership will serve the border well, he said. Valley and other border Democrats who supported Craddick worked together strategically to try to get as many positions of authority for all of the region, not just one city or county, Peņa said.

"I think, without question, this is the strongest delegation in the history of the state that I can identify from the border," Peņa said. "So we have the opportunity to accomplish great things."


Earlier in the day, House Democratic leadership released an analysis of Friday night's committee assignments saying Craddick did not fairly represent Democrats, women or minorities in leadership positions.

Democrats continue to hold 25 percent of the committee chairmanships, just as they did in 2005, even though they gained seven seats in the election last year, according to the analysis released by the office of Rep. Jim Dunnam, D-Waco, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

I didn't see Dunnam's analysis, but I imagine it was rather similar to mine.

The funny thing is, given what Craddick had to work with, he made committee assignments that appear to me to be color blind.

Also, Dunnam should win the award for most hypocritical press release of the year:

The Texas Constitution is clear that the Legislative process should be deliberative and thorough, and that no non-emergency measure should be rushed out without full public input. I am proud to have voted to uphold the Texas Constitution...
So, was Dunnam just shredding the Texas Constitution for the last 10 years?

And shame on some of the reporters who printed such a misleading quote. Even if the vote were reasonable -- though it doesn't seem so to me -- it clearly wasn't a desire to protect the Texas Constitution that motivated Dunnam.

Posted by Evan @ 01/31/07 05:37 PM


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