Cornyn and Hutchison

Del Rio paper:

Texas' pair of U.S. senators informed Del Rio Mayor Efrain Valdez last week that he may be invited to tell Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff directly and exactly why border mayors loathe the idea of a fence along the Rio Grande.

On November 20, Valdez was notified by Beto Cardenas, chief counsel for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, that his boss, and Sen. John Cornyn, had appealed to Chertoff for a meeting with the border mayors "to hear your comments as they relate to the enactment of the Secure Fence Act and other border security measures."


"Senator Cornyn promised they would not put in a single inch of physical fence until they have heard all our concerns in Washington," a jubilant Valdez told LIVE! during his return trip from McAllen in October. Texas Border Coalition's Immigration Committee is chaired by Valdez who presented the problem to Cornyn at the early fall meeting.

Good for our Senators.

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