He's kidding, right?

National Review has written some odd things recently about district 22's race between Lampson and Sekula-Gibbs.

First, Rich Lowry passed on an absurd rumor that Lampson would consider switching parties. That rumor is so stupid, I can't believe Lowry passed it on. Lampson would get Michael Forbes'd so fast, it would be funny. Yes, Lampson will realize that he's a severe underdog to get re-elected in 2008, but he's not going to switch parties.

Second, Byron York writes that Sekula-Gibbs has a chance. It's that time of year again: The Silly is out in full force. I will be beyond shocked if Sekula-Gibbs gets 40% of the vote.

Posted by Evan @ 11/05/06 06:00 PM


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