One more data point

I know I'm the last to this poll, but I'll mark it down:

Perry 41%
Undecided 20%
Strayhorn 14%
Bell 13%
Friedman 13%

The poll was done by Texans for Insurance Reform, an arm of Texas Trial Lawyers. Most of them had been supporting Strayhorn, but a few have donated to Chris Bell recently. 600 respondents; pollster Opinion Analysts. The poll was done pre-Labor Day, so I assume it was in the field at the end of August. That means the TV ads wouldn't affect the poll.

When asked who their second choice would be:

Strayhorn 20%
Bell 14%
Perry 10%
Friedman 10%
I don't have the wording for that one, so it's tough to know how much importance to place on it.

I'd write more, but i'm just too busy.

Posted by Evan @ 09/10/06 10:27 PM


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