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I'm pretty busy these days, so here's some lazy linking.

Slater/Hoppe in the Dallas Morning News has their gubernatorial race preview here, entitled "It's Perry vs. Bell, with more in wings." You and I both know that it's really Perry vs. World, and I'm kind enough to let the DMN use it, so long as they attribute. Heh.

R.A. Dyer writes up the Dem primary results for the FWST.

Kelley Shannon has the AP's report on Perry and Bell winning the nomination, and then previews:

It'll be weeks before Republican Gov. Rick Perry knows exactly which candidates he'll face in November.

But he's got a sneaking suspicion whom his biggest opponent will be, and he's trying hard not to mention her by name.

Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, billing herself as "one tough grandma," has millions of dollars to spend on her independent run for governor against Perry and at this point poses his biggest threat. She and author-musician Kinky Friedman moved their independent candidate petition drives into full gear Wednesday, following Tuesday's party primaries.

Democrat Chris Bell, a former congressman, captured his party's nomination over former Texas Supreme Court justice Bob Gammage, winning 64 percent of the vote to Gammage's 28 percent. Perry cruised to victory over three little-known GOP opponents.

When Perry greeted campaign supporters in Austin after his primary victory, he took a broad swipe at his rivals, without naming them.

"The real test of leadership is not saying what you're against. It's saying what you're for. Texans deserve better than empty criticism that serves as a substitute for real substance," Perry said.

Clay Robison does the honors for the Houston Chronicle.

And then, there's the articles that capture the flavor of Texas politics:

James McCutchen sat facing away from the open front doors at Blaine’s Pub — a sign on his back urging people to stop and sign a petition to get Kinky Friedman on the ballot for Texas governor.


McCutchen, who said he did not believe in telling his age, wore a long black blazer with a vintage ruby western vest underneath and matching red leggings. His long salt-and-peppered hair was hidden under a 10-gallon black hat.

Jones, 50, wore a red hat, shiny metallic purple stretch pants and silky tall purple cowboy boots.

The two said they wanted to attract attention to themselves and of course, Kinky.

Good ol' Tom Green County. Kinky's folks have told them to get 800 signatures.

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