Kinky Friedman on 60 Minutes and gay marriage

Kinky Friedman is appearing on 60 Minutes tonight at 6pm, Texas time -- not to exclude El Paso, which is an hour behind. I'll probably miss the piece, because the timing coincides with the beginning of the NFC conference finals between Seattle and Carolina. Football wins out over politics, though I'll try to hit the Friedman spot during commercials. I'm curious to see how the footage from the Willie Nelson golf fundraiser turns out.

Kinky also gave an interview to Dallas Voice, the "community newspaper for gay & lesbian Dallas" on gay marriage.

"I support gay marriage," said Friedman, who said he was raised in a Jewish family where there was no tolerance for racism or other types of discrimination.

"Not only do I support it, it's the right thing to do and the Christian thing to do," he said.


Part of that message is that he believes gay men and lesbians are weary of the Democratic Party's promises.

"Frankly, I think the gay and lesbian community is tired of slaving on the Democratic Party plantation," Friedman said. "They just never do a damn thing."

An interesting quote in the wake of Hillary Clinton's MLK Day plantation comments.

Posted by Evan @ 01/22/06 12:54 PM


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It was a rerun. There was no update at all to account for Strayhorn's entry as an independent.

It was interesting to see them highlight Kinky's stray dog home shelter. Saving a thousand stray dogs from extinction is already more than Rick Perry (or Chris Bell, for that matter) has ever accomplished. Texans may argue about the merits of a lawyer's work, but a dog savior will never go unloved.

Posted by Dalicious @ 01/23/06 02:06 PM

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