Zogby online poll numbers

Greg Wythe posts numbers from Zogby:

Perry (R) - 38.3%
Strayhorn (I) - 20.5%
Bell (D) - 17.9%
Friedman (I) - 14.4%

Perry (R) - 38.6%
Strayhorn (I) - 21.3%
Gammage (D) - 15.3%
Friedman (I) - 15.7%

Kay Bailey Hutchison - 56.9%
Radnofsky - 31.8%

Greg doesn't post a link to the data, and I couldn't find any of these numbers on the Zogby website. But I do know that Zogby Interactive recently polled for the gubernatorial race, so I definitely believe Greg.

General caveats apply: this is an online poll. Most people consider online polls much less reliable than telephone polls. We don't know anything about the poll yet, having not yet seen crosstabs, number of respondents, margin of error, etc. Sometimes, as in the flawed Houston Chronicle poll on CD 22, the devil is in the polling details.

These numbers are all similar to the Rasmussen numbers from a week ago, so my analysis then still applies.

Posted by Evan @ 01/19/06 10:23 PM


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Well, it isn't an online poll like cnn.com asking whether you think Rick Perry should have done more to find the runaway bride. Zogby profiles the polled and weights to standardized demographics.

This is subscription data and has some interesting crosstabs. Kinky wins the libertarian vote, followed by Perry, Carole and 0% going for Bell. Gammage takes a few % directly from Kinky.

Kinky also wins the all important 'shacking up' vote.

Perry wins the Union vote.

Posted by George @ 01/20/06 09:17 AM

what about the damage from gammage?

Posted by gringo @ 01/21/06 12:54 AM

this is only less the 100 folks self selected and anyone who thinks Kay is under 60 in texas head to head should buy the data to this garbage.

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 01/25/06 11:26 AM

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