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Ex-Statesman political writer Dave McNeely has his latest column up, which isn't too keen on Strayhorn's chances.

"When we spend that first million on TV, that's when you'll see the numbers move,'' Strayhorn predicted.


Her campaign office says Strayhorn, who is 65, will follow through on her goal to win the GOP nomination for governor. If she does change her mind and seek another term as comptroller, she would by no means be the first ambitious pol to choose re-election over another race at the last minute. For instance, then-Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower backed out of a U.S. Senate race in 1990, only to get beat for re-election by Perry.

Working against the re-election idea is that current Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs is running for comptroller, and state Sen. Todd Staples, R-Palestine, is running for Combs' current job. Tough Grandma Strayhorn actually might lose if she and Combs go head to head.

To spectators, this is what makes Texas politics attractive. It is seldom pretty, but almost always interesting.

Gotta love the closing line from McNeely.

Strayhorn has a point about spending her first million on TV. Let's assume that she'll have $7 million to spend on the primary. In that case, if she starts on January 1st, she can spend almost $2 million per month on TV ads.

She may be behind in the polls, but it's not impossible for her to make that ground up, and that's why Perry has been on the offensive as of late.

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