Friedman files for office

Yesterday, Kinky Friedman filed his paperwork to run as an independent for governor:

Humorist Kinky Friedman took his first formal step toward the governor's office today, promising, on a bitterly cold day, to work hard at putting "a chill up the spine of every politician."

The musician-turned-mystery writer officially filed his declaration of intent to run as an independent candidate for governor with the secretary of state.

But to get on the ballot next November, he needs to collect at least 45,540 voters' signatures or 1 percent of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election from people next spring who don't cast ballots in any party primary or runoff.

Friedman told a few dozen supporters and reporters huddled for a brief, sidewalk announcement that his real opponent was not Gov. Rick Perry, but voter apathy.

Only 29 percent of Texas' voting age population cast ballots in the 2002 gubernatorial general election.

"If we can get the 29 percent who voted last time up to 39 percent, it'll all be over, and there will be a whole new spirit blowing through Texas," he said. "There will be a smile on everybody's face and a chill up the spine of every politician."

Posted by Evan @ 12/09/05 03:56 PM


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