For whom the bell tolls

The AP:

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that local property taxes used to pay for public schools amount to an unconstitutional statewide tax and has given the state until June 1 to fix the system.

Texas' highest civil court agreed 7-1 with one of three arguments brought against the state by hundreds of school districts, but found that overall school funding is adequate and that poor districts have equal access to facilities funding. Justice Scott Brister was the only member of the nine-member court to dissent. Newly sworn in Justice Don Willett did not participate.

The majority opinion is here, while Justice Brister's dissent is here.

So, the appointment of a commission gives Perry and the Lege a politically good reason to delay until after the primaries. But the Legislature's actions will still be relatively fresh in early November.

Posted by Evan @ 11/22/05 11:05 AM


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This was a total washout for the school lobby. Their lawyers were hosed by the state.

they,the schools suing, lost on every point where there was disagreement. The state always knew the cap of $1.50 was the problem, hence the effort to lower the property taxes over the last two years, was to uniform since so many districts were at or near the cap.

I guess Perry will get his wish. More money spent in the classroom instead of the courtroom for a change. The schools that spent money on this fool's errand should sue their lawyers for malpractice.

Who was the idiot who thought the nine folks on the bench who campaigned to not legislate from the bench actually would?

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 11/22/05 09:45 PM

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