Armbrister to retire?

Chris Elam reports rumors that Ken Armbrister is set to retire.

Armbrister's retirement will open up the district 18 state senate race. Currently there are 3 GOP candidates, with Gary Gates probably the frontrunner. That could change depending on whether other Republicans will decide to run for the open seat.

SD18 is a big seat. The northern border is Washington and Waller counties, while the eastern border is western Fort Bend County and Matagorda County. The district stretches down to Port Aransas and then runs back up towards Austin to Caldwell and Bastrop counties.

If true, it'll be a competitive race. Bush won the district with 67% of the vote, while Victor Carillo got 59% and Scott Brister got almost 65%. The TLC data on the district indicates that the average district wide vote is 65.5% GOP to 36.5% Dem, whereas the whole states was 59.1% to 40.9%. So although Armbrister was a conversative Democrat, this is definitely a winnable district for a Republican or Democrat.

There are a few Republican state reps that live in this district. Will they look to move to the senate?

Posted by Evan @ 11/14/05 05:07 PM


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