"Strayhorn's campaign quiet"

Lee McGuire -- KVUE:

There are just 102 days before polls open in the race for governor, but Governor Rick Perry's main challenger hasn't said much lately.

Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has been relatively quiet since launching her campaign in June.

Strayhorn has a lot of money in her campaign war chest, but lately, many political observers have noted that her momentum seems to be dwindling, just as Governor Perry is picking up steam.

On a sweltering summer day five months ago, the state's republican comptroller turned months of speculation into reality and ran full speed ahead at incumbent republican Rick Perry.

But aside from some radio ads, Strayhorn's campaign has barely made a peep since then. Perry has compiled an impressive list of endorsements, including the State Association of Firefighters, the Texas Public Employees Association and the Teamsters.

Strayhorn has scored no big endorsements.

Perry has also pulled off some political coups, including placing potential democratic opponent John Sharp at the head of a school finance reform team.

I'd be happy if she started advertising her campaign on GoogleAds, so that maybe I could earn a few pennies out of this blog.

Posted by Evan @ 11/12/05 03:27 PM


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what is up with those folks?

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 11/12/05 05:45 PM

Good question. I'm not quite sure. You have any ideas?

Posted by evan @ 11/12/05 06:12 PM

yeah there going to switch over to run for re-elect for comp?

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 11/13/05 08:38 AM

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