When non-Texans come to Texas

Tyler Cowen has discovered Texas barbecue, at one of the best locations in Texas: Lockhart. He writes about the experience in religious tones.

He's not too far off. My roommate is from Lockhart, and it's always fun to go visit with him.

Also, Cowen notes that "sauce is frowned upon," but neglects to mention that Kreuz's refuses to even serve sauce. [Edit: This post has a picture of Kreuz's sign mentioning the lack of sauce.]

Cowen is writing a chapter on bbq for an upcoming book on the economics of food. I'm guessing he'll also visit Goode Co., Salt Lick, Rudy's and County Line, among others.

I know this isn't political, but I couldn't resist. Hat tip: Tom K.

Posted by Evan @ 11/05/05 02:51 PM


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